What ReCoral is

Re-CORAL is a not-for-profit organisation launched in 2014 in Fiji. Re-CORAL’s mission is To conserve coral reefs and their ecosystem services that benefit local communities in the Pacific Region.

Re-CORAL actively restores coral reefs using propagation of coral fragments. The methods used and the coral species grown are chosen according to best scientific practices and in consultation with local communities. The fragments are grown in special nursery areas until they are large enough to be transplanted to threatened reefs. Re-CORAL engages with local communities to determine what ecosystem services they want to enhance and undertakes a joint programme of coral restoration to benefit these communities.


Why Coral Restoration?

Coral reefs are among the most diverse and economically important ecosystems on earth. Coral reefs are home to one-third of all known marine species and provide vital ecosystem services to over 500 million people. These ecosystem services include the provision of food, jobs, coastal protection, building materials and biochemical compounds. However, human activities have profoundly changed coral reefs, with most reef ecosystems worldwide now severely threatened by climate change, pollution and overfishing. Therefore, coral reefs need active restoration and conservation.

Some corals naturally break during storms and can grow new colonies from these broken fragments. This natural process is mimicked in coral propagation or gardening to create new colonies.

Fiji is located within the Indo-Pacific region, which contains 75% of the world’s coral reefs. Fiji has over 300 islands with coral reefs that represent near-pristine ecosystems to highly degraded reefs. Therefore, the Fijian archipelago provides an ideal environment to restore and conserve coral reefs.

About Coral Gardening

How you can help


Adopt a baby coral. For US$10, we will create a single coral fragment with a tag that identifies you as the sponsor and the date the coral was created. These corals will be grown in nurseries until they are large enough to be transplanted to threatened reefs. You can select a particular nursery area and the species of coral you wish to adopt and you can follow its progress online. Your donation plays an important role in the restoration of coral reefs. Donations can be made direct to Re-CORAL, or at one of our partner resorts/dive operations in Fiji.
Adopt a Baby Coral

Get involved in coral gardening projects. Coral nursery areas have been established at several sites in Fiji, in association with resorts and dive operators. If you are visiting Fiji, why not actively partake in a coral gardening day. Even better, why not adopt a coral and plant your very own coral in the nursery, to give reefs a helping hand.

Resort/Dive Operator Partnerships

Re-CORAL works with tourism providers who are interested in supporting active coral restoration and conservation. We can provide an array to establish a coral nursery and get your local coral restoration programme underway. We also train your personnel on the best practices for coral propagation and can run coral gardening days for guests. For more information, contact us:


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